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Did you call the restaurant? The Health Department? If so, what did they say? Don't you owe it to others who might suffer the same consequence to try to get the situation corrected?


That's a very good point. I should have called them up but between blogging and work I forgot. Hopefully I get the word out to enough folks thru this post but probably not. :(



I work at Taylor's in St. Helena, and I can definitely say that I am not surprised. I work the register, and people tell me all the time how they disliked the San Fran Taylor's but wanted to give it another try... And they liked it in St. Helena.
I know we keep a careful eye out, especially for that. We have worked out methods to prevent that in St. Helena...
I am VERY sorry you got food poisoning on Taylor's behalf...

If you have any questions about Taylor's food, email me at



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Kerry - GOOD HEAVENS WOMAN YOU are BEYOND TALENTED!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking these pics )) I'm a srtnog believer that everything happens for a reason and I definately believe you were brought into Angie's life for more reasons than being a GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER You are such an AMAZING WOMAN and I'm honored to know you THANKS a MILLION Elizabeth!!


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