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I know exactly what you're talking about regarding the Chevera wine. I had a sweet bottle of HunterHill 2005 Merlot last night. After finishing that, I opened an inexpensive Syrah and just couldn't drink it. Not a bad wine in itself, but coming after the peppery flavors of the HunterHill, it just wasn't possible.


Who's the new roommate, btw?


Roommate was my sister's boyfriend who was staying with us for awhile.

RE: Wine - I can't drink shit stuff after good bottles unless I'm drunk, which unfortunately doesn't happen enough. So I try to be on top of $10 gems - mostly south of the equator wines - so we have something to open following a nice bottle w/o dropping $50 each time. Funny how wine can add up in a hurry :)


Cupcake's Pinot Grigio is currently a buy-by-the-case wine in our house. We thgohut about trying the Chardonnay the other day but thgohut, Eh, why mess with a good thing. Perhaps I'll pick a bottle up next time I'm buying wine.Wine in a box is making a comeback. A couple of the Australian wineries are getting in on them and in a juice-box size serving too!

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